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I put my age on here 4 years ago. Instead of updating it every year, I shall just say that I was born in 1980 and you can work out how old I am. :) I am Mum to 2 children(both boys)who have been inspiration for much of my poetry. I have had several poems published in different books but I thought it would be nice to keep it all in one place. Unfortunately I don't have all of my older poetry so this will be mostly recent.

Monday, March 27, 2006

English Spring

Spring is here
The Sun is out
At least it was yesterday!

It won't be long
'Til Summer comes
And the kids can go out to play

Rain and Sun
You get it all in Spring
But remember it'll soon be warmer

Maybe but for one day
The Sun will shine bright
And the weather will be calmer

We've been through Winter
Though I think it's still here
What funny weather have we

But this is England
What do you expect?
It's all lovely to see.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

School Days

I really didn't like those days
When I went to school
The teachers were all horrible
They were smelly and cruel

The children were no better
They were a rotten lot
They threw chalk at teachers
Some of them flicked snot

They picked their nose and flicked it
Right across the room
It would hit teacher on the head
And then we knew we were doomed

The teachers got us back, you know
When we were unaware
They'd get us during break time
And drag us by our hair

I recall the good old days
Of bullies and grazed knees
But I think your school is nicer now
I hope you agree with me

Ok, so I made some up
I won't say which bits are true
But don't let your teachers see this
It's a secret between me and you.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Together alone

I stand alone
Though you're with me
I stand beneath a weeping willow tree

I'm so alone
My tears fall down
The weeping willow is crying with me

I stand so tall
But withered by the pain
Withered like a flower
In the rain

I'm feeling drowned
Where there's no water
I'm drowned by floods of emptiness

And there's a flood
Made by my tears
Trying to care less

Then you came along
And you dried my tears
And you said you loved me

Then you held me tight
And you told me I was wonderful
And you could set me free

Now I stand with you
And I'm not alone
I stand right next to you above the clouds

I stand with you
And I feel safe
For the first time, my wish has been allowed

We stand together
You and I
With the children, I stand with you

We stand together
As a family
Together makes it easier to to always know the best things to do.


You walk away
I watch you leave
My heart goes thump thump thump

My head spins round
Where have you gone?
I feel so down in the dumps

I tell you that
I need you here
You say you want me too

But all the thoughts
Spin round in my head
How do I believe you?

You want me but
You never stay
With me for long enough

Just to show me
How you feel
Why is loving you so tough?

I've tried and tried
To make you smile
To show you that I care

But no matter
What I do
You are never there

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More to Me

There is more to me than you think
There is more to me than you feel
I bare scars made by you
Which will never heal

The hurt inside is strong
Greyer than a cloud of rain
Why do you keep doing this?
Why do you make me feel this pain?

I'm trying to reach out to you
I need you to understand
But you're world revolves around you
So all alone I stand

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I don't like it

I feel sad today
I feel sad a lot
I am rarely happy
I don't like it

I feel lonely today
I have people around
I always feel lonely
I don't like it

I am on my own now
I'm always on my own
No body's really with me
I don't like it

I know these people love me
Those who I feel are not there
I feel desperation for the love I need
I don't like it


Is only when
You feel that you are alone
But truly
Within your heart
Solitude isn't being on your own

You can be on your own
And feel surrounded by love
But other times
There are people there
But you're lonely as a widowed dove

community centre

Baby in the term time
School kids in holidays
This really is the place
Where everyone can play

Mummy comes in for a chat
And a cup of tea
It's always nice when Daddy comes
Aswell to play with me

Grown ups can do courses here
And baby can go in the creche
Time for mum and dad to relax
They need a little rest

There's playscheme in the holidays
There's lots to do and see
It really is a wonderful place
Recommended by mummy and me

Saturday, March 11, 2006

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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Run, run, into the night
Into the forest
Out of sight

Go, go away from them all
Do not return
And do not call

Run, run, until they have gone
You are their prey
You must go on

Race, race do not make a din
Go far from here
And don't let them win

Run, run, into the night
You are not safe
Though they are not right

Quick, quick, they can't catch you now
They're not in control
You beat them somehow

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


What must I do to make you see
the pain I'm in today?
How can I ever make you see
you need to change your way?

Will you ever understand
what you mean to me?
and that you need to let me believe
that this is not how it's meant to be?

The things you do, the way you are
you're pushing me away.
I'm trying to fight it, but if you don't try too
then I can not stay.

I love you more than you'll ever know
but I can't take this pain.
I'm waiting for a sunny day
but there is only rain.

Monday, March 06, 2006


Born Live Die
Born Live Die
The circle of life goes by

But how you live
Means so much
How you breathe
And how you touch

Born Live Die
Born Live Die
The circle of life goes by

What you take with you
It matters not
It's the love in your heart
Not the gold in your pot

Born Live Die
Born Live Die
The circle of life goes by

A wrinkled old man
Not just a carehome shift
A new born baby
Such a precious gift

Born Live Die
Born Live Die
The circle of life goes by

It matters how you live
Not how you die
It matters who you are
Not when or why

Born Live Die
Born Live Die
The circle of life goes by

We all lose people
At a different age
Think of their life's quality
Not what stage

Born Live Die
Born Live Die
The circle of life goes by

Don't be ashamed of who you are
Just be it and make the most
Of whatever you do and whatever you are
It won't matter when you are a ghost

My Heart

my heart yearns for you
Even though you're here.
My eyes cry for you
But you don't see a tear.
My body seeks comfort
And protection from you.
But how to reach out?
When I think you don't want me to.

My body yearns for you
Even though you're around
My voice cries out
But you don't hear a sound.
All of me needs you
But I don't think you see
How much I love you
And what you mean to me.

Lazy Baby

my baby lies down playing
on his little rug
he is too lazy to sit up
he is a little bug

he doesn't even crawl yet
although he's 9 months old
but he laughs and tickles me
and he shouts out loud

he shouts daddy all the time
and nanna, granddad, brother
but when will it be my turn?
after all i am his mother