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This is a display of my poetry. You can leave comments or your own poems. I agree not to use anyone elses poetry without permission and would require others to do the same.

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I put my age on here 4 years ago. Instead of updating it every year, I shall just say that I was born in 1980 and you can work out how old I am. :) I am Mum to 2 children(both boys)who have been inspiration for much of my poetry. I have had several poems published in different books but I thought it would be nice to keep it all in one place. Unfortunately I don't have all of my older poetry so this will be mostly recent.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

If you were here

Sitting in the dark
Sitting all alone
Feeling so empty
Here at home

It's quiet in here
But for the TV
I just wonder
If you miss me

Sitting in the dark
Sitting all alone
Feeling so empty
Wishing you were home

It's dark outside
It's cold in here
Feeling so lonely
While you're out for a beer

Sitting in the dark
Sitting all alone
Feeling so empty
Because you're not home

It's lonely here
And cold out there
If only you were with me
It would be warmer everywhere

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Two Sons

What do I do
When I'm feeling down?
I look at my children
They rarely do frown.
They make me so happy
No matter what I have done.
They're the greatest gifts ever,
My two sons.


When two roses grow together,
There will, no doubt, be thorns.
But trim them down
And work around.
That's how love is born.

Loving you with all my heart
Is hard as hard can be.
But with love so strong as this,
It is no hardship to me.

You love me and I love you,
Together, we may fight.
But we will always be there
Through every day and night.

The good times are the roses.
The not so good are thorns.
Lets trim them down
And work around
And see more roses born.


Why do people go away,
When there's so much here to see?
The lakes and hills and countryside.
It's an amazing place to be.

Everybody goes away
To Spain and Greece and Rome
When they could see some wonderous sites,
If they'd only stay at home.