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I put my age on here 4 years ago. Instead of updating it every year, I shall just say that I was born in 1980 and you can work out how old I am. :) I am Mum to 2 children(both boys)who have been inspiration for much of my poetry. I have had several poems published in different books but I thought it would be nice to keep it all in one place. Unfortunately I don't have all of my older poetry so this will be mostly recent.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

For Chelsea

If I could, I'd be right there
To give you a hug and then declare
How I feel, for you may not know
That I'd do anything to see the little ones grow.

We may not talk much, but I'm always here
For a quick chat or a listening ear.
If you need me, I'll be by your side
Just say the word, and, no matter how long the ride
I'll be there, I'll make my way
Because family is not just DNA.

They're the people who love you, the people who care
The people who'd do anything just to have you there.
Those who want to be with you, and would give their all
To know you are safe, and catch you when you fall.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Written 27th May 2016

I can't fix it but I can't bear it being broken
I can't be there, where I want to be.
I can't stand this pain but I don't understand it
Or why you can't see what it's doing to me.
Perhaps you think it doesn't matter, you deserve it
Your heart has broken but you think that's OK
Have you forgotten or put it to one side?
Did you listen to what I had to say?
I know that you had those feelings
I saw it in your eyes
The heartbreak that you accepted
Because of someone else's lies.

Also published on Facebook:

Monday, February 27, 2017

Worth It

Written 26th February 2017. First published on Facebook Becky J Lucas/Sapphire M Ravenclaw

Sometimes, being with you is hard
But I'd have it no other way
It's all part of who you are
And I'll be with you every day.
There are days my heart hurts
Because it's too hard to understand
But nothing is ever too much
Because you're a wonderful man
I won't hide my feelings
Whatever they may be
I know that life is confusing sometimes
But you will always have me.
I'll always be there for you
In sickness and in health
To help you through the hard times
And enjoy life when you're well.
I won't pretend it's easy
There are times I've cried
When I think we've got nowhere
Even though I've tried.
I have thought I couldn't do it
Times I've wanted to walk out the door
But I promise I'll never do that
Because you're all I want and more.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Written yesterday (19th January 2017)

When you feel like you're sinking
because you've almost sunk before.
When what you want most of all
Is to walk out of the door.
When the cycle starts again
and you're sinking 'to despair
When it's happened before
And nobody was there
When you feel like you're drowning
When you thought you'd start to swim
Because you'd let yourself believe
That positivity could win
You still feel like you're drowning
Like it's happening again
But this time, you are stronger
And you didn't have him then.
You think you're falling back
To seven years ago or more
Because it feels like it did
When you could not see the door.
When you wonder if it's just a test
To see how far you've come
When you know you've all you need
All can be overcome.
History repeats itself
It feels like another battle
You still think you're falling back
And find it hard to settle.
But the outcome will be different
Because this time, you believe in you
It still feels like you're climbing
But you know you will get through.

Monday, January 02, 2017

When Love Can Not Win

Why do I love them?
I can not explain
It hurts that I
Am not free to exclaim.
I do not like the others
They are not good people
But I can't say it
For fear of reprisal
Raised by a woman
Manipulative, evil
That's why they became
So thoughtless and hurtful
Not a hi or a thank you
For gifts we sent
Were they not good enough?
Is that what this meant?
But I do love the babies
Though they'll never know
Because hatred has won
So love can not show.

We never will hold them
We're not welcome there
They won't know our love
It's really not fair.
He loves them all
And he hurts and he fights
But they don't love him back
And that is not right.
She stopped them from loving him
She did so much wrong
But he thinks it's his fault
And it's been too long.
He can't get them back
Too much damage is done
If only he'd fought
When they were young.

This poem was originally written on my Facebook page (Sapphire M Ravenclaw), the coloured verse was added here.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

It Matters

Note: This poem was written around a year ago, and came up as a memory on Facebook yesterday. I had forgotten I'd written it, and it has not previously been shared. The title, however, is new. It didn't have one before, so I've just titled it today. The poem was written in regards to my partner's first granddaughter, who would have been 9 months old at the time. She is now 21 months, and my partner has a second 1 month old granddaughter we're never likely to meet.

Whether you accept or not
Doesn't make it right
Things are not
Always black and white.
But this time
I have to say
It's clear to me
They want you away.
What you want
Matters not to them
It hurts me that you can't see.
I know how you feel
I wish you would say
And take advice from me.
I know what you want
And so do they
They must know that they hurt you
The reasons they have
Don't make any sense
You're letting them desert you.
Just because you went away
You think that you deserve this
But it wasn't all your fault
As much as you're convinced.
You're letting history
Repeat itself
Please, my darling, fight
You are worthy
You do deserve
Believe that I am right.
I know that you love her
You love her as your own
You want to be her Grandad
And this should be known.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

See Her (4th September 2014)

Sometimes when a girl doesn't tell you things, it's because she wants you to ask.
Sometimes she's afraid or ashamed and hides behind a mask.
It doesn't mean she's dishonest, just that there hasn't been a right time.
As hard as she tries to find it, she wants you to say the first line.
She knows that you won't push her
But perhaps that what she needs
She knows that you will listen, she knows that you care
Some things she'll tell you without words
and sometimes she just needs you there.
Let her open up to you
Tell her what you see
Ask the questions she's afraid to answer
Show her the man she wants you to be.

Trust Him (27th August 2014)

Sometimes it is hard to trust
When you've been let down before
Sometimes the key is in the lock
But you still can't get through the door.

You want to open up your world
You want to let him in
You want him to break down your barriers
But you're scared you can never win.

Your heart is his, you know that
You know he knows it too
He's all you ever wanted
And you know that he loves you.

But it is still so hard to get things right
As sure as you are of this
'though you know that he can fix it all
With a perfect, gentle kiss.

Timelord (29th August 2014)

When my Timelord kisses me
It feels so wonderful
Even on the darkest days
He makes them so colourful.

I am your companion
Forever and a day
I can't tell you how this feels
There are no words to say.

My Timelord kissed me gently
He held me through the night
Nothing has ever felt so good
As when we hold each other tight.