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This is a display of my poetry. You can leave comments or your own poems. I agree not to use anyone elses poetry without permission and would require others to do the same.

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I put my age on here 4 years ago. Instead of updating it every year, I shall just say that I was born in 1980 and you can work out how old I am. :) I am Mum to 2 children(both boys)who have been inspiration for much of my poetry. I have had several poems published in different books but I thought it would be nice to keep it all in one place. Unfortunately I don't have all of my older poetry so this will be mostly recent.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ode to the One Show

Ode to the One Show

Entertaining and witty and packed full of fun
A favourite programme on BBC One
How lovely to see Adrian and Christine
Always entertainingand always pristine.

(The One Show is a television programme in the UK. There is more information at