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I put my age on here 4 years ago. Instead of updating it every year, I shall just say that I was born in 1980 and you can work out how old I am. :) I am Mum to 2 children(both boys)who have been inspiration for much of my poetry. I have had several poems published in different books but I thought it would be nice to keep it all in one place. Unfortunately I don't have all of my older poetry so this will be mostly recent.

Monday, January 02, 2017

When Love Can Not Win

Why do I love them?
I can not explain
It hurts that I
Am not free to exclaim.
I do not like the others
They are not good people
But I can't say it
For fear of reprisal
Raised by a woman
Manipulative, evil
That's why they became
So thoughtless and hurtful
Not a hi or a thank you
For gifts we sent
Were they not good enough?
Is that what this meant?
But I do love the babies
Though they'll never know
Because hatred has won
So love can not show.

We never will hold them
We're not welcome there
They won't know our love
It's really not fair.
He loves them all
And he hurts and he fights
But they don't love him back
And that is not right.
She stopped them from loving him
She did so much wrong
But he thinks it's his fault
And it's been too long.
He can't get them back
Too much damage is done
If only he'd fought
When they were young.

This poem was originally written on my Facebook page (Sapphire M Ravenclaw), the coloured verse was added here.


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